[Ravensfort] Fighter Practice--Tower Base pictures

Jeffrey Watson agjwatson at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 3 07:19:59 PST 2003

Ok lets see if this works, I have been having trouble getting messages
through to the list but I got a new email address so maybe I can get

First, congradulations Brian.

Second I have some pictures from fighter practices and events at RF on my
web site here:


and here:


I am going to try to make a few fighter practices this semester. I graduated
in December so I should have A LOT more free time.
Krag and I are planning on making a heavy ballista for Gulf Wars, but that
might not happen until next year.

By the way if anyone knows of a place that has an opening for an entry level
electronics engineer with a BS, I need a job. :)


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>Good Morning everyone--
>Insomnia caught up with me again and I stayed up to scan in pictures from
>last Sunday's fighter practice and base moving.
>Just click on the link below and you will get to my personal web page.  One
>of these days I'll have a bunch of extra time and will update the rest of
>Hope you enjoy the pictures--and yes Malcome your favorite picture is there
>Reminder fighter practice is at our house again this Sunday--I may or may
>not have the camera out again then :-)
>Until then---
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