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Kezia (Barbara Gilbert) kezia at pbgilbert.net
Tue Jan 14 21:37:40 PST 2003

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We have come back from traveling to Coronation this passed weekend.

Their Grace's Patrick Michael and Julia stepping down was one of the most emotional that I have seen as they released the kingdom officers, landed nobility and peer groups. They had many kind words of thanks for the many people that had helped them and to the populas.

Coronation welcomed in our new King and Queen... Miguel Sebastian de Oporto and Conal Alexandria O'Riordain.This is going to be a showy  reign as both TRM enjoy a good play. The stepping up ceremony was dramatic and colorful with a tough of light humor. TRM delighted all with live steel swords fights and speeches to the people.

Raven's Fort gave a good presentation with 8 people present. They were Keif , Lorraine, Brian, Isobail, Plachoya, Chrystal, Niklas, and Kezia. I wish to thank those that gave largess for the baskets. Isabeau had carved a horn for Julia with her device and a queens rose on it. Mary Axfoot made some bathsalts, Clarissima donated a set of silver candlesticks, Plachoya donated 2 cloth Chinese gift baskets (I now have the pattern :) one of the lanterns that Oliva had donated was given, and Chrystal had brought some candle holders and other items. Lorraine and Chrystal also made a personal presentation of glass flowers to TRM's Miguel and Conal.

We decorated 4 tables and several people brought food that we laid out to share so that all had plenty to eat during the day.

For those who missed this event, there will be others. Come travel with us and see new and different things.

HE Kezia

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