[Ravensfort] Changes in Ravensfort Fighter Practice

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Tue Jan 21 16:05:06 PST 2003

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Lord Balda--Knights Marshal of Ravensfort would like to announce a change in the weekly Ravensfort Fighter Practice.

Fighter practice will now be held at his and Lady Isobail's home in Willis, TX at 3 pm every Sunday.  A pot luck dinner will be held at the end of most practices--main course and/or theme to be announced by Lady Isobail each week.

All are welcome to attend.  If you are a fighter and need to work on you armor-- bring it.

Non fighters are also welcome to attend--Bring your current A&S project and work on it either inside or outside (your choice).

Rain Plans-- Come anyway, there will be armor building/repairing in the garage and A&S inside.

If you have questions or need directions call Lord Balda or email Lady Isobail.

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