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I agree with Robert, let us remember what we have learned & move on to better things, like organizing future get togethers & plan events that people will remember as being a great event to go to!! To figure out how to keep people interested in what was started a long time ago. Time to move on & not dwell where the flies remain, know what I mean? Raven's Fort can & will thrive. It is up to everyone to please stop sniping at each other & getting a life, in & out side of the SCA & doing something positive & constructive with it.
$3.89 worth... take it or leave it, I know where I'm going & I am figuring out how to do it  ~Chrystal~
 horoun <horoun at swbell.net> wrote:
I have tried to stay clear of these issues-living outside the Barony these
days, but... C'mon folks-lets not stir up yet another hornets nest. Just let
it alone. This group used to have a reputation for getting things done, in
its own odd little group in the woods way. These days when folks hear about
some of the internal issues-and they do hear- they look to each other and
often ask me"Now whats their problem". This is an issue the group needs to
solve from the inside-even if the solution is to leave each other alone. One
way or another that old small group in the woods against the world attitude
needs to be regained, its been gone far too long. I would like to be asked
questions like"What cool new thing are they gonna spring
on next". All the veterans esp the Ravens Hearts need to find a way. I know
many of the older members are tired, after all these years I to am feeling
the burnout thing. Trick is if the old timers dont throw their experience to
the fix then the newer folks have to reinvent the wheel over and over.
I've rambled enough
Robert(to many)
Horoun(to others)
>On Mon, 27 Jan 2003 09:06:20 -0600 Marivs wrote.
>Yes, it has been excremental bovine product and a learning experience for

>all of us. I¹ve come away from it with reestablished faith that the SCA

>inc. WILL punish dangerous and harmful behavior with banishment. Let¹s

>it for the good guys ! Now all I, personally, have to do is find a way to

>participate in the SCA and not be murdered just for showing up. The

>detective suggested that I find another area with less aggressive people to

>play with, but... The fact is I would have to drive too far to completely

>avoid the threat and besides, I have support and loved ones here too. The

>question is, do I risk death... or do I give up my friends and hobby ?? I

>am open to any constructive suggestions.





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