[Ravensfort] HELLLPPP!!! (Part Deux)

D. Vandever hlannes at ev1.net
Sun Apr 4 10:18:09 PDT 2004


Did I mention that I'm an idiot and I do too much?

For Baronial, I have taken on the job of Nastycrat. I am going to be in charge of the potties, garbage and recycling at Stargate Baronial. I am in need of one or more gentles to help me make sure we have a safe and pleasant environment for our event. This will involve checking the potties for toilet paper, putting out hand sanitizers and glowsticks at night, putting out garbage bags into the garbage cans, throwing the garbage into the dumpster and helping to pick up the recycling at the end of the event.

Also for Baronial, I will be performing in my capacity as Stargate Historian. I am going to be providing a Historical Display of the Stargate History at Baronial. Now the History as given to me by Baroness Pippa (waving) is .....er....rather large. Therefore, I would also like one or two gentles to assist me in setting up the display, talking to folks during the day, and taking down the display at the end of the day.

I am also looking for the loan of 5 or 6 extra chairs to place at the display so that the populace can sit and read some of the tremendous amounts of historical newsletters and photos at their leisure and comfort. If you have a spare chair or two and could think to throw them into your car on the way to the event, I would greatly appreciate it. Please contact me so I know to expect your chair (s).  

If you love me and don't like seeing me overextend myself, please consider contacting me privately at hlannes at ev1.net to volunteer to come to my aide. I give great word fame, shoulder rubs, hugs, suitable largess, undying gratitude and cookies to those who feel so moved to aide me in my plight.

In Service,
eagerly anticipating the overwhelming response to my requests for help
Dear God,  Help me to be the person
my dog thinks I am.  Amen
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