[Ravensfort] Just when I thought.....

Mirabelis mirabelis at johnthekiwi.com
Mon Apr 12 10:29:52 PDT 2004

Rofl everyone would rather attend to the pretty lady than do toilet duty
;)  sign me up for evening duty, I'll go around to all the potties while
everyone is in feast and court!!  It would be nice to have someone with
me but I'll take the wagon full of TP and make sure they are stocked.
Sorry but I wont be too anxious to make them clean, and I'm probably
gonna be glad I wont have to do it in the am :-)  but for that nite I
can definitely go around and make sure they are all stocked :-)  


Oh and sign me up for the list field poles!  I'll be out on sat
hopefully with a few other hands, and I want to paint those poles!
Anyway if I can help in other ways I will do my bestest! 







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