[Ravensfort] Crown Gate

Corbisier, Barbara L barb at tamu.edu
Tue Apr 13 22:42:00 PDT 2004

And already the battlelines are drawn!  Defenders are fighting over territory! Negotiators are at the 
ready to entice others to their side!  And apparently there will be people will be doing some heavy list 
at Crown as well...

Claim your spot NOW lest some other good gentle beat you to it!  Then you'll be stuck with that icky 
spot that you really didn't want when you could have had the really cool spot that somebody else 
already took! Either that or you'll have to come up with some really convincing brib...um, I mean, 
argument as to why somebody else should switch spots with you.  And that could cost a lot of time 
and effort that you could put towards another gate shift.

2-4 pm  - Fionna ni Cheallaigh & Lord Malcolm de Crawford
4-6 - Fionna ni Cheallaigh & Love of Halesworth
6-8 - Lord Devin & HE Chrystal
8-10 -Xanthe(?) & YOUR NAME HERE

12-2 am
8-10 - Groa Ulfsdottir & YOUR NAME HERE
12-2 pm 

-Catherine Barbary

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