[Ravensfort] Crown Gate

Corbisier, Barbara L barb at tamu.edu
Wed Apr 14 12:53:17 PDT 2004

You know, you're a good looking person.  Snappy dresser, sparkling wit--you're probably a lot more 
popular than you think.  Find out who REALLY wants to hang out with you by volunteering for a gate 
shift and see who else volunteers with you.  Or spend a couple of hours in the glorious company of 
that person you've always admired from afar who's already volunteered for a shift.  Not only will you 
raise your social status, but you'll be helping out Raven's Fort and Ansteorra, as well as making new 

2-4 pm  - Fionna ni Cheallaigh & Lord Malcolm de Crawford
4-6 - Fionna ni Cheallaigh & Love of Halesworth
6-8 - Lord Devin & HE Chrystal
8-10 -Xanthe(?) & Groa Ulfsdottir
10-12 - Lady Olivia & YOUR NAME HERE

12-2 am
8-10 - Groa Ulfsdottir & YOUR NAME HERE
10-12 - Lady Olivia & YOUR NAME HERE
12-2 pm

In service,
-Lady Catherine Barbary

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