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Thu Apr 15 10:33:13 PDT 2004

There are 4 very tall poles...only 2 of which are usually used at a time...and since it was both a secular social activity and a sacred activity (dependant upon the context)...I don't see that it violates GPD 6...but timing might be kind of wierd cause it would be the only children's activity...and not one of a series...and the children's parents will all be focused on the tourney...
If I were you, I'd query the Steward, B&B, and the Seneschal privately...and get approval...because it might be hard to fit into the schedule...Crown is a very focused event and everything hangs on how the tournament goes...there is not even a lunch break scheduled...even the "hat lunches" are come and go...it's all about the outcome of the tourney...

"Olivia G. Rodrigues" <ladyoliviar at lycos.com> wrote:
Out of curiosity, would we have time to plan and implement a May Pole for Crown? At least for the kids? I'll supply the ribbon if someone comes up with a very tall pole. I will make plans to come and help set it up prior to the event if we can get this done.


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