[Ravensfort] Crown Gate

Corbisier, Barbara L barb at tamu.edu
Thu Apr 15 20:08:15 PDT 2004

As you scramble to render unto Ceasar that which is Ceasar's, remember that sitting a gate shift is 
FREE, doesn't require an accountant, and there are no complicated forms to fill out.  Just some very 
easy forms to fill out.  And there will be people around to help fill them out, and you won't have to 
wait in a long line to get them to do so.

2-4 pm  - Fionna ni Cheallaigh & Lord Malcolm de Crawford
4-6 - Fionna ni Cheallaigh & Love of Halesworth
6-8 - Lord Devin & HE Chrystal
8-10 -Xanthe(?) & Groa Ulfsdottir
10-12 - Lady Olivia & YOUR NAME HERE

12-2 am - Erich Rabe & YOUR NAME HERE
8-10 - Groa Ulfsdottir & YOUR NAME HERE
10-12 - Lady Olivia & YOUR NAME HERE
12-2 pm

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