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Here are link that might help ya as well..... http://www.armourarchive.org/

this is where a lot of the good (and bad) armor'ers gather talk shop and sell items... I like to look over this site a lot, sometimes you can get great deals on used or clearance items... ya just have to look over the reviews on quality, customer service, and timeframe for delivery. From time to time they also post up what they think about mild vs stainless vs leather for use in sca combat

here is another link that has a ton of links for armor... http://www.19sixty9.com/sca/armouries.html

Hope this helps ya as well

Michael of Gravesend

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  As far as fighting/armour info...it might be best to start by reading the participants handbook...I believe it is in the Earl Marshal's section off www.ansteorra.org

  that way you can ask our Knight's Marshal or other fighters educated questions...

  HE Brian has been makeing some armour...but I don't know if he has gotten to making helms yet....


  Tuath na Ciarraide-Mactire <tuathamactire at hotmail.com> wrote:
    Allo all,

    If things work out here in the near future the way we are hoping they do, 
    our schedules will stabilize and we will have a bit more free time (unlike 
    the 60 to 70 hour work weeks we have now :-/). When that happens, Erin and I 
    are wanting to get into heavy fighting. Could someone give me the basics, on 
    or off list, of what we will need to get started, and who has what for sale? 
    At current, we work weekends, so no go on making it to fighter practice, 
    yet, but the schedule change will help with that.


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