[Ravensfort] Crown Gate

Corbisier, Barbara L barb at tamu.edu
Wed Apr 21 08:29:26 PDT 2004

Dear Lord and/or Lady:

It has come to our attention that you have not signed up for a gate shift as of yet. Please remit your 
name immediately. We would hate for this lack of action to adversely affect your future ability to 
volunteer for other work shifts.

If there is some reason you have not yet signed up for a shift, please contact us immediately. 
Payment plans are available. We are willing to work _with_ you to make sure your volunteer shifts 
remain on-track. 

If you have already signed up for a shift, please disregard this message.

In service,
The Collection Department

2-4 pm  - Mistress Fionna ni Cheallaigh & Lord Malcolm de Crawford
4-6 - Mistress Fionna ni Cheallaigh & Love of Halesworth
6-8 - Lord Devin & HE Chrystal
8-10 -Lady Xanthe(?) & Nicolette de Loria
10-12 - Lady Olivia & Mistress Lorraine Deerslayer
12-2 am - Erich Rabe & YOUR NAME HERE
2-4 Arturus & YOUR NAME HERE
4-6 Arturus & YOUR NAME HERE
8-10 - Lady Groa Ulfsdottir & YOUR NAME HERE
10-12 - Lady Olivia & YOUR NAME HERE
12-2 pm

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