[Ravensfort] Re: Crown Gate SIGN UP NOW!!!

Corbisier, Barbara L barb at tamu.edu
Tue Apr 27 11:29:03 PDT 2004

Okay, let's be realistic here.  

You're already going to be up in the middle of the night on Saturday.  It's Crown Tourney, there will 
be celebrations happening, and even if you don't partake of any adult beverages, there will be 
enough noise around that you won't be able to sleep anyway. Take a couple of hours and go sit a 
gate shift.  I will bribe you with the drink of your choice (that's readily available and legal for me to 

I especially implore you if you have done gate before to please do so again. Experienced volunteers 
are very welcome, since they can walk the new people through the process.

2-4 pm - Mistress Fionna ni Cheallaigh & Lord Malcolm de Crawford
4-6 - Mistress Fionna ni Cheallaigh & Love of Halesworth
6-8 - Lord Devin & HE Chrystal
8-10 -Lady Xanthe & Lady Nicolette de Loria
10-12 - Lady Olivia & Mistress Lorraine Deerslayer

12-2 am - Erich Rabe & Lord Arturus
2-4 Lord Arturus & YOUR NAME HERE
6-8 Johan the Wanderer(?) & YOUR NAME HERE
8-10 - Lady Groa Ulfsdottir & Lady Nicolette de Loria
10-12 - Lady Olivia & Johan the Wanderer
12-2 pm

In service,
-Lady Catherine Barbary

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