[Ravensfort] Officers reports

Paul Gilbert niklas at pbgilbert.net
Wed Jun 16 18:32:31 PDT 2004


Just a gentle poke in the ribs about the filing of officers reports.

They need to be filed on schedule according to the office's report 
schedule. Not all reports are filed monthly.

If you do not know when they are filed, please check with your regional and 
take care of business.

They must be sent to the following people.....

Your regional
The local Seneschal
The local B&B
Chronicler (local request, for use in the Quoth)

The Seneschal of Raven's Fort and We ( the B&B) accept electronic filings 
of these reports.

Please, also send a paragraph or two narrative with your reports on what is 
going on that can be used by the chronicler in the Quoth.

Currently, there are a few folks that may be behind in reporting. We have 
not heard from any regionals...yet. But, lets please check up on your 
reports, get them up to date and send Joy something she can  use in the Quoth.

Thank you and back to regular programming.....

HE Niklas

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