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rachel luce rachel_luce1975 at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 18 15:49:15 PDT 2004

      I love you guys, you're the best! Now everyone calm down I'm fine. Bascially. That post was supposed to go only to Shane and I screwed up and posted I screwerd up and posted it to the list. I'm having some minor mood swings because I'm stressed about working for TCDJ and I'm not sure what's going to happen. :D That's life. I apologize if I freaked anyone out.  The only goo dthing about guard school will be getting to come home for at least a little while. Now If we could just convince James....
                                                                                            -hugs, Rachel

Kief av Kiersted <sirkief at yahoo.com> wrote:
Heilsa Darlin' Rachel...

Don't know what's going on... Doesn't matter to a friend... If
you need assistance I will do what I can given my limitations...
All you need is to ask...

Your good neighbor and friend...



--- rachel luce wrote:
> Shane will you please call me. I am rady to ocme home and I
> need a place to stay until I get my first TDCJ paycheck. I'm
> not sure what's hgappenning with the rest of my life but if I
> come back to Raven's Fort at least I'll be among friends.
> -Rachel

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