[Ravensfort] New update on list of Names for our Joint Event with Bordermarch

loveofhalesworth loveofhalesworth at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 11 22:57:18 PDT 2004

These are the list of suggestions for the name of our joint event with Bordermarch! I will update the list as the names come in. We now know that the time period is 1300 to 1400's. Basically... a laid back "fun event" with a touch of old magic that started in the early days of Ansteorra. (I am quoting!)
A Tale of Two Baronies
Borderlands Defender
The Raven's Castle Seige
Proelium ex Crovius Iter (The Battle of Raven'sMarch)
Two Call Two Arms
Twins Have Fun (just joking on that one although it is *almost*  strange enough)   
Marche to the Fort
A Pact between Friends
A Stone's Throw across the Border
Two by Two
Castle Alliance
In Defense of the Peace
Malcolm in the Middle
Garde del Castel (Guardian or Watchman of the Castle)

I have included the name's meant as jokes I figure if nothing else it will add a smile to your face while reading the list.
In Service, Love of Halesworth


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