[Ravensfort] Kegan Update after Ivan

Charles Anderson kmac1314 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 13 08:10:15 PDT 2004

  Hi Yall from the "rubble", Well we survived Ivan as 
far as the family goes. All of us are fine, we did
lose the Mobile home when  tree fell on roof much like
a lot of Pensacola and surrounding environs. We also
lost all the furniture and 3 of our "4legged children"
(the chihuahuas).  After living in a tent for 2 weeks
FEMA came thru and we found another place to live and
it looks like Tabatha is going to buy this place and
the land and Liz and I are going to buy a place to
move in on the next lot. This storm was the worst of
the 5 I've been through and thats saying something. As
you have seen on the news this city got b-slapped VERY
HARD by this storm. bUt things are getting back to
normal school started yesterday (yippee hooray!!!)Ian
and Dakota are both gone all day and baby Adrian is
now 3mos old. the other 3 grandsons are also fine  in
school or going on 5mos old. We had our first
poststorm pop meeting last Thursday and we all talked
ab out who lost what in the storm. Fortunately except
for us the only others to have major damage was our
Chiurgeon who had a house on the Sound. 
 I will be attending the major fighting event in this
area of Meridies over Halloween weekend, GATALOP held
in an actual civilwar Fort, on Dauphin Island outside
of Mobile, AL. Our next local event which i am
co-autocrat is 12thnight coming in January and then of
course in March is GW which I can't wait for. Hope to
see all of you there perhaps even some of the "old
gang" could be there,how about it "Sis", dsd, Brian.

By the way who won Defender this year?  dsd contact me
off list when you can it was great to hear from you
your comment on the event name was priceless.  BTW how
about "BorderStones" for the event name? 
  Well gotta go for now all of you keep in touch and
have a great day and week.

Always, Kegan and Crew
TallanTrod Manor, Shire of Arenal, Meridies

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