[Ravensfort] rosary (prayer beads) class

jacinth jacinth at mail.ev1.net
Thu Oct 14 11:43:19 PDT 2004


A couple of years ago I attended a class on paternosters at King's College.
Somewhere around here I have a CD full of pictures and references.  When
I find it, I will make you a copy.  Unfortunately will not be able to leave
work early, so will miss tonight.  I'd love to see what you have...


dj scooter <lddevin03 at yahoo.com> wrote:
>good gentiles...
>  so very sorry about the last minute things but
>well...you know how life can get at times.
>  like the previous missive...it will be at HE
>Kezias home at 7pm.
>and bring things like...snacks!
>  and beads, string, tassles, charms, but mainly
>beads. also bring whatever info you wish to share
>with us. 
>  i will have some extra stuff and a handout.

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