[Ravensfort] congradulations

Barbara Gilbert kezia at pbgilbert.net
Tue Mar 1 18:02:31 PST 2005

I send hearty good wishes and support for Sir Kief and Mistress Lorraine on
becoming the Vicar and Vicaress of Ravens Fort. They did not seek this job,
but because of all the crap that has come from this Barony in the last 3+
years the Crown felt this was best for Ravens Fort. Keif and Lorraine travel
playing on a kingdom level and have for years. They know and talk to people
from every group within the Barony. They understand what the expectations
are, and they understand SCA rules and policies. The Crown has charged them
to teach the ways of the current SCA, to help the Barony grow, and to
protect it from those that would set it backwards.

The officers, Barony Guard and the Order of the Raven have been given the
same charge. Keif and Lorraine are the new leadership of Ravens Fort, chosen
by the Crown. Congratulations.


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