[Ravensfort] Please Read: Word from the Moderator

Melina K umbraja at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 2 15:56:13 PST 2005

Just a few orders of business for now

First I'd like to congratulate Kief and Lorraine and wish them good luck. 
Good luck.

Secondly in the name of peace I would like to ask (and by ask I mean Tell) 
you all to direct questions and comments on posting to the poster. What this 
means is that if someone says something you disagree with or have a question 
about don't post your reply to the list, send it to the author of the 
offending post.

Hopefully this will cut down on the current tiger baiting.

And though hopefully most of you don't see it, I would like to say that I do 
and further baiting of the tiger will get you (and you know who you are) 
banned from the list. This goes for Both sides.

And just in case you've forgotten, here are the list rules:

Three Basic Rules:

	1. The moderator’s word is law and we reserve rights to suspend membership
on sheer caprice, especially if any of the following rules are broken.

	2. Think Before you Post! When posting and reading keep in mind the
feelings, rights, temperaments and opinions of others as well as your own
mindset and nature of your post. Make sure you have approval where needed
and absolutely No profanity, inflammatory comments, or derogatory posts.

	3. Try to keep basically on topic. Off topic posts should be announcements
and replies to them should be kept relevant to the post, to a minimum and/or
sent privately to the poster.

Remeber to play nice and hopefully you won't hear from me for another few 


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