[Ravensfort] same thought, different 'Doh!' :)

David R. Hoffpauir env_drh at shsu.edu
Fri Mar 4 06:14:15 PST 2005

Thanks Mel. You amaze me sometimes.

We had some good input all around at populous, last evening.  During which,
I realized that my last two posts concerning Lorraine were inappropriate.  I took
Kief's words to imply one thing, when in truth, he was speaking of something
entirely different.  I can't take back the words.  Although they were spoken
in truth, they are not constructive to the task Their Excellencies have before them.  I am in the wrong and must make an apology all around.

Mel, I agree, the private "repost" was inappropriate. It was an accident,
but only in the sense that for some goofy reason I had it in my head that it
had been a public post to start with.  I distinctly remember changing the
addy.  Anyway at that moment I also remember I was about to have a stroke.
So Kimi, I am sorry.  I'll give you a back rub to make up, how's that?   :)

Of all the posts I've ever made to the Raven's Fort list, I don't think Mel
could have pulled two that were more defining and significant to reference.
The first because I really was at the end of my rope for keeping the various
forces at bay and not using the hammer of public censorship.  The second,
because of the private, attached email.  Clarissima was the Senechal.  I
know it was not her intent to spark off an attack on Marius, but she did.
Between the two posts we go full circle in a list moderator's nightmare.  Oh
yeah, and the other reason it's significant is because I'd lost that
particular grilled hot dog recipe.  Mugwort loved them.

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