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I will try to convey in words all of the wonders that I saw at the Ravensmarch event.


On Friday there was still much to be done.  The merchants and taverns were erected, which turned into a very nice Town atmosphere.  Several pavilions, down by the castle, were set up by members of both Baronies for Morning Court and Volunteer Point.


I had the pleasure of sitting Gate Friday evening (oh my GODS was it cold!) and meeting our gentle folk as they arrived.  Many thanks should be inserted here to Lord Phocas for bringing a portable heater around midnight.  Alas, that was the time my shift ended.


I awoke on Saturday morn to the sounds of an Event in full swing.  As a member of the Baronial Guard, I made my way to the pavilions set up for Morning Court.  There were some delays while we awaited their Majesties arrival and thus began Court.


Morning Court was very exciting because of our handsome Prince.  The Crown’s Court was brief and Their Excellencies from both Baronies made introductions and gave instructions for the day.


As MoC for Raven’s Fort, I was granted an opportunity to work with Lady Gabrielle, the MoC of Bordermarch.  I could go on for many moons about my admiration, pleasure and the bonds of friendship made with Lady Gabrielle.. but instead will tell you about the children.  We held Children’s Activities in the morning until lunchtime and then again from early afternoon until an hour before Court.  The day’s activities consisted of face painting, bath salts, painting banners, making booklets, making Goo, and potpourri sachets.  The children, which numbered around 12 for each session, are marvelously talented.  Prizes donated from Lord Devin and Lady Mary of Axefoot (myself) were handed out for the top two banners and small token bags were given by Lady Gabrielle for the children and volunteers.  During Evening Court, Lady Gabrielle and myself presented the future (the children) of our Baronies to their Majesties and their Excellencies and unto the Populace.  I am very proud of each any
 everyone who attended the activities and look forward to seeing their progress as Artisans.


Evening Court was most difficult for me.  It had been announced in Morning Court that Baron Niklas and Baroness Kezia would step down at the end of Evening Court.  My heart was breaking with this knowledge.  I was saddened at the loss of their leadership and excited that a new adventure awaited my dear friends in Austin.


Many things took place during the three Courts.  I will, however limit myself to the Raven’s Fort Court.  We added a new member to the Baronial Guard, Lord Devin!  I am honored to have him stand at my side protecting this Barony.  Vivat, Lord Devin!  Love of Halesworth received her AoA and will now be Lady Love (I know this has been posted, but one never tires of hearing their new title).  I wish her luck as responsibilities and expectations increase from now on.  Vivat, Lady Love.  Baron Niklas and Baroness Kezia called in the Order of the Raven and presented all with a sword.  I was crying at the time and am now at a loss as to the symbolism and words spoken by their Excellencies.  The Baronial Guard was called and presented with final payment and charged to continue to protect the Barony.  These words were well heeded.  Then came the moment when all business had been concluded and my Baron and Baroness stepped down from the thrones of Raven’s Fort.  Their Majesties then called
 Mistress Lorraine and Sir Kief into Court.  There was a hush as each person strained to hear each word.  The rain began to fall as tears of sadness of the departure of Baron Niklas and Baroness Kezia.  Then, the Crown did a most excellent appointment by placing the Barony of Raven’s Fort in Sir Kief and Mistress Lorraine hands as the new Vicar and Vicaress of Raven’s Fort and then the rain, which had been tears of sadness, turned to tears of joy!  Vivat our new Vicar and Vicaress Kief and Lorriane!  Vivat to our former Baron and Baroness Niklas and Kezia, you will forever be in our hearts!


And now I am tired.  I hope these words preserve for posterity the Ravensmarch Event.  I look forward to another joint event in the future.



In service I remain,

Lady Mary of Axefoot

Raven’s Fort MoC

Baronial Guard Member

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