[Ravensfort] Re: yeast

Doug Bell debell1 at txcyber.com
Thu Mar 10 11:04:46 PST 2005

There are a few sources I can think of that might be overlooked.

Archeology and Anthropology magazines - depends on the culture you looking
for if anything has been found.

Gunvorr has a few items form Viking era.

There are still quite a few pre industrial societies left in our modern
world.  Look at how they prepare breads.

The colonial US may also help.  Bread making didn't change all that much
until the 19th century.  Groups like Colonial Williamsburg, Old Order Amish,
and Old Sterbridge Village come to mind.

Some of the living history groups may know more about this than the SCA.
Almost any pre 1800 group might have something.


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