[Ravensfort] Marie

Sun Mar 27 20:59:29 PST 2005

For those of you that know Marie my wonder child (we wonder what
she's going to do next) yesterdy was a beautiful dayfor her. At about 4:30 pm. yesterday she was married. Yes, that's right married. We were really concerned that this wedding was not going to come about. Her
husband, Evan, is in the Marines. He is at his first duty station at Camp Lejuene. Well... He claims he did not know until the last minute that he would actually get to be here this weekend. All flights were booked for Friday. He did not arrive here until 11 am. on Saturday. The county clerk's office opened for them that afternoon to give them their license. We borrowed ring from my parents, no time for them to purchase new ones. They arrived about 45 minutes late at the church, however the wedding did start on time and we had a wonderful reception at a restaurant afterwards. The bride was beautiful, the groom was handsome in his dress blues, the 3 mothers (yes 3, his, her's and myself) we all had on clothing of the same color scheme. None of us had talked to the others about this. I hope to have pictures soon.

Juliana Foulare
mka Dianna Fowler

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