[Ravensfort] Raven's Fort Presence at Crown Tourney

L T ldeerslayer at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 28 21:02:21 PST 2005

Since HE Kezia and I have been the primary co-ordinators for the "Raven's Fort" presence
for the last couple of years...I've decided to share the wealth...and 
get different people to co-ordinate the Barony's list field/
feast table/and camping logistics and presence.

Though at this point, I don't know if HE Kief and I will be able to attend
several of our members will be going to Crown Tourney and being such an
important event...we as a Barony should show support of the Crown and 
as many as possible attend. Lady Isobail has generously offered to co-ordinate
the "presence" for Crown Tourney.

Please e-mail her at isobail at ev1.net if you wish to participate or assist in 
representing the Barony!


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