[Ravensfort] ***Opinion Polling Scoop!

David R. Hoffpauir env_drh at shsu.edu
Fri Nov 4 12:51:13 PST 2005

argh!  ya, lubbers!  where was ya?  ....ya missed the free booty!  :)

~Baronial opinion polling will be at next populous.  It will be a ballot poll open to all members and NON-members, within and without of the Barony, so even if you are not a member and do not live inside the Barony, you still have a voice.  Primarily, this convention is for that extended family of Raven's Forters who "call us home" and support us.  Some weight will be given to paid members who reside here, but their Majesties, Highness', & the Kingdom Seneschal are looking for insight and overall support for candidates. This gives them a good measure in their decision.

~Applications for B&B are being accepted NOW and this will likely be shut down at the end of next week.  Interviews with the candidates will begin at Bordermarch Melees (Nov 17-18).  The ballot, with candidates name, will be posted onto the RF website at about the same time.  You may mail it in, or scan and email it as a .PDF.  Or, simply turn it in at next populous.  Additionally, ballots will be in your Decemeber Quoth, which will be mailed early.

~Candidate 'speeches' will be allowed at next populous.  No Q&A, just a quick moment for candidate introduction and presentation of goals/ agenda to the group.  His Majesty Jason and the Kingdom Seneschal, Master Modius will be in attendance.

~If you wish, you may send personal correspondence concerning candidates to the Crown and Royal Heirs. In fact, they encourage it.  Pros and cons accepted for any of the candidates or candidate pairs.  The information will help their Majesties make a informed decision concerning the wishes of Raven's Fort at large.  Please use this avenue to your advantage.  All correspondence will be in strict confidence, so speak up and speak out, if you are so motivated.  DO NOT forward comments to the Kingdom Seneschal.  His role is strictly as liaison.

~Decision of the Crown may be as early as mid-Dec, but there is no definite constraint on them there.  Investment will be at Coronation (at least that's what I think I heard, so grain of salt on that).


ALSO!   ~Plans are tentative, but Yule revel is being planned for December populous as well, so garb is encouraged.  ***Ungarbed members, as always, will be considered as rouge house-elves, stripped of any clothing or possessions, dipped in hot cheese, and required to run the dreaded "bunny-feather" gauntlet!  After that you go on the auction block!  Be WARNED, we'll have a rich dominatrix in attendance!!!***  So, play it safe, wear garb!  :)

That's about the scoop.  If I missed anything important, I'm sure it will be corrected with fervor and I will be flogged and drug through the streets.... 

The bnbball is in your court.  Don't fail.  

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