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This may post up twice as it was cc'd to the list.  However, if Modius is 
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> Please have this posted to the Raven's Fort website and distribute widely.
> Modius
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> Timeline for Raven's Fort Baronial Polling & Selection
> Thurs, Nov 2, 2005:
> Informational populace meeting.
> Tues, Nov 13, 2005:
> Deadline to declare baronial candidate status, no new entrants allowed. 
> Final letters of intent by baronial candidates due to TRM & TRH via email.
> Wed, Nov 15, 2005:
> Final opinion poll form with candidate names posted to Raven's Fort web 
> site. Brief single page candidate letters with full contact info gets 
> posted web site. Dec edition of Quoth goes to press.   All materials by 
> officers and populace due.
> Fri, Nov 18, 2005:
> Dec edition of Quoth gets mailed with the final opinion poll form and with 
> candidate names and their brief single page candidate letters.   (Note: 
> these are the same as those found on the Raven's Fort web site.)
> Sat, Nov 19, 2005
> All baronial candidates meet 1-on-1 with TRM & TRH at Bordermarch Melees.
> Mon, Nov 21, 2005
> Have you sent your emails to TRM & TRH concerning your thoughts and 
> commentary regarding the baronial candidates?  If not, please do so ASAP.
> Thurs, Dec 1, 2005
> THE BIG DAY.  Opinion Poll Day.  7pm.  The location is the same place 
> populace meetings are held, Huntsville Fire Station #2 located at 2109 Sam 
> Houston Ave.  The Kingdom Seneschal will be there to conduct the opinion 
> poll with His Royal Majesty Jason in attendance.  If King Jason can be 
> there for your polling, you should really try to make it.
> Fri, Dec 9, 2005
> All final opinion poll forms/proxies are due via mail to the Kingdom 
> Seneschal. All final emails concerning your thoughts and commentary 
> regarding the baronial candidates are due to TRM & TRH.
> Mid-Dec 2005
> By mid-month TRM & TRH plan to announce their final decision, perhaps even 
> as early as Stargate Yule.   TRM & TRH do not want to rush their decision 
> process and want to have enough time to read each and every one of your 
> opinion poll forms as well as your emails
> Sat, Jan 15, 2006
> TRM & TRH officially invest the new Baron & Baroness of Raven's Fort.  I 
> urge that as many of you try to attend as possible to lend support.  This 
> is a big occasion.  Party and a dress.
> Requests & Clarifications:
> Candidate Discussion
> Please try to avoid candidate discussion on the lists.  I have asked the 
> moderator to step in if bashing starts.  If you have questions of the 
> baronial candidates, please contact the baronial candidates directly via 
> email, not to the list.   Ask questions of the candidates.  Become 
> comfortable with each candidate.  If you have specific questions, ask them 
> directly to the candidates.
> Candidate Meetings at Bordermarch
> If baronial candidates have an overwhelming reason not to be available to 
> meet with TRM & TRH at Bordermarch Melees on Sat, Nov 19, 2005, they must 
> make an effort to meet with TRM in Houston before Thurs, Dec 1, 2005.
> Mailed Opinion Poll Forms/Proxies
> Signed written opinion poll proxies will be acceptable if they are fully 
> filled out, signed and are accompanied by a letter explaining the pressing 
> and dire issue that keeps them from attending the physical polling on 
> Thurs, Dec 1, 2005.   These should only be mailed directly to the Kingdom 
> Seneschal whose address is inside the front cover of the Black Star.
> Who May Fill Out an Opinion Poll
> Everyone from member to non-member to resident to non-resident.  If you 
> are a member please bring your membership card with you to the Polling on 
> Dec 1, 2005.
> Numbers from Opinion Poll/Results
> The results of this baronial opinion poll will not be made public.  This 
> is the norm for opinion polls conducted in Ansteorra.  The results of this 
> opinion poll will be shared only with the Kingdom Seneschal, the Crown, 
> and the Coronet.   It will be shared with absolutely no one else, not the 
> candidates, not the V&V, not the populace, no one.  If anyone hints they 
> know the numbers, they are not from this plane of existence.
> The Crown & Their Heirs
> Any emails concerning your thoughts and commentary regarding the baronial 
> candidates should be emailed directly to TRM at crown at ansteorra.org and to 
> TRH at coronet at ansteorra.org, NOT to the Kingdom Seneschal.
> Understand, please, that this "poll" is a measure of your opinions, not a 
> "vote."  It will be the Crown's and solely the Crown's choice in 
> consultation with their Heirs, the Prince & Princess.
> Any Other Questions
> Contact me directly at seneschal at ansteorra.org or via cell at 
> 713-818-4905.
> Modius
> Kingdom Seneschal
> 11/04/05

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