[Ravensfort] polling info part 2

dj scooter lddevin03 at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 8 06:26:38 PST 2005

you know...i love my computer but sometimes the
files just do not match up. here it is again.
sorry about the last attempt.
i need all materials, including letters from the
people running for baron/baroness NO LATER than
wednesday night.


Opinion Polling: Raven's Fort Landed Nobility			
Results of this opinion poll will be shared only
with the Kingdom Seneschal, the Crown, and the
Coronet.  The results of this baronial opinion
poll will not be made public.  This is the norm
for opinion polls conducted in Ansteorra. 
Understand, please, that this "poll" is a measure
of your opinions, not a “vote.”  It will be the
Crown’s and solely the Crown’s choice in
consultation with their Heirs, the Prince &

The following couples have declared their intent
to run for the position of Landed Nobility of the
Barony of Raven's Fort. Please rank each couple
in order with 1 being your first choice for Baron
and Baroness. Remember that the final decision
rests with Their Majesties.				

Candidates	   Rank (with a 1                     
 being your first choice)	

this is a sample polling form i gather. it is the
baronial polling timeline. soory for the file boo
boo but hey. 



take a cherry tree,
break it apart and you will find
no blossoms.
blossoms come to bloom
out of the empty springtime sky.

(japanese, 1363-1443)

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