[Ravensfort] Event Report: Gleann Abhann Coronation

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Fri Nov 11 17:42:02 PST 2005

Excellent job Catherine!

I don't remember the name of the group that handed out the tokens either...
it was the "Ladies of ???" and apparently they make tokens to hand out
as remembrances at events in GA.

I would like to add that a former Raven's Forter...Kegan was there. He is as 
active in his new kingdom as he was here. He is Black Diamond herald and is
in charge of portions of his kingdom's Crown Tourney.(Hey Kegan...can you give
us a breakdown of what you're responsible for...Please.) He had a role in heralding
the Coronation court. The people of Glean Albhan were called up in court to swear
fealty. Each rank of precedence was called up by a different Kingdom Herald...
Kegan was one of the heralds to do the calling...It was nice to see him agian.

Also...Catherine neglected to mention that she contributed a hand done scroll
to the gifts our King and Prince gave TRM Gleann Albhan.

And for you Amazons out there...our Sister Sabine was there and was celebrating
her birthday. She is looking well and was in typical Sabine form!


--- "Corbisier, Barbara L" <barb at tamu.edu> wrote:

> http://gawin.is-a-geek.com/interior.php?
> page=pictures&dir=Gleann%20Abhann%20First%20Coronation%2011-2005
> And I was there!  Of course, you couldn't tell it from those pictures, 'cause the photographer 
> managed to miss where we were sitting in every shot.  A few of us from Ansteorra (9 to be exact,
> including His Majesty Jason and His Highness Mahdi) made the treck to Gleann Abhann to show our 
> support for our sister Kingdom.
> Very long court, and very emotional. There were a number of gentles in tears as former Meridians
> became Gleann Abhannians.  Or maybe it's Gleann Abhannites.  Maybe nobody's decided that yet.  
> But it was the same kind of good tears that one sees at a wedding or graduation.  
> There were a number of crown heads from the Known World--besides Meridies and Ansterorra, the 
> Crowns of Northshield, An Tir, and Atlantia were all present.  
> The rest of the day was mostly filled with meetings about Gulf Wars for two of my travelling 
> companions, Mistress Kaitlyn McKenna and Lady Isobail inghean Gilla Chriosd, so HE Mistress 
> Lorraine Deerslayer, Master Francois la Flamme and I went to admire the A&S display.  There was
> a > fine display of lace, and an impressive sugar plate subtlety with fabulous documentation.
> We went to a delicious dayboard and made sure that Kaitlyn and Isobail got something to eat.  I 
> remembered I needed to track down a Gleann Abhann scribal person to see if we could get some of 
> their charters for us to paint and send back, but unfortunately they didn't have any.  Well,
> that's not > quite true.  They had exactly one AOA charter (not one design, one charter).  The
others, along > with > the digitized designs, had been destroyed in the hurricane.  But Their
Majesties Gleann Abhann > did > receive a number of scroll blanks in their presentation gift
baskets from the other kingdoms, so> they > should be off to a decent start.   There were at least
two places on-site that were giving out > garb and > other SCA necessities to those who needed it.
 It was heartwarming to see our SCA family come > together to help out those of us in need.
> Kaitlyn and Isobail were still in meetings, so we watched the heavy list and chatted.  There was
> a > gentle who had a guessing game she brought around, where we guessed the number of keys in a 
> bottle. Lorraine and I were presented with tokens of the event from a group whose name I 
> unfortunately cannot remember right now.
> Towards the end of the day, Kaitlyn and Isobail finally returned!  They apparently had
> productive > meetings, so they were in a good mood despite the fact that they hadn't seen the
sun all > afternoon. 
> We were able to chat with HRM Jason for a bit, who was appreciative to have some of his populace
>> there.  
> Feast was a buffet style affair that went very smoothly considering there were  ~300 people
> signed > up.  After feast, there was free wine and beer (woo hoo!), so I took advantage of it. 
Hey, any> event > that has free adult beverages is a great event by any measure.
> I had heard tell of drive-through frozen daiquiri stands in Louisiana, so I decided that I
> needed to > experience such a wonder for myself.  After making a few new friends in Gleann
Abhann, we left > site > so I could avail myself of this opportunity.  I decided against getting
an entire *gallon* of > frozen > daiquiri, but I was sorely tempted.  "You mean you can get an
entire *gallon* of daiquiri?  In a > drive- > through?????"  We planned on watching a DVD Isobail
had brought with her, but everyone fell > asleep > halfway through except me.  I had to finish my
drink.  Or as much as I possibly could, which was nowhere near the entire thing.
> We left the next day, only taking a few wrong turns and stopping to appreciate a foreign
> Wal-Mart. 

> All in all, a long trip, but how often do you get a chance to witness the birth of a new
> kingdom?  I > was glad to be there.
> In service,
> Catherine Barbary
> -- 
> Orationem pulchram non habens, scribo ista linea in lingua Latina.

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