[Ravensfort] Bordermarch!

Shane Wallace sdwsdw at cox.net
Thu Nov 17 17:33:55 PST 2005

Greetings to all,

So far the folks I camping with me up on the 2nd row behind the first 
bath house /  rest room are:
Lord Devin
Lady Love & Family
Lady Juliana
Lady Claire
Lady Mirabelis (near by in her merchants tent)
If anyone else wants me to save them space please email me or just put 
it on the main list.
I'll see everyone at the event and then later on again at the Monday 
business meeting..... By the way where is the business meeting going to 
See ya later... Take care and Safe journeys to the event and back.......

In Service,
Lord Malcolm


L T wrote:

> Who's going?
> Does anyone want to do a potluck lunch?
> Lorraine

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