[Ravensfort] December Populace

m meaux m_meaux05 at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 25 09:56:35 PST 2005

First off, I would like to say that I hope evryone enjoyed their Thanksgiving!  I hope it was spent with loved ones and sharing the best food around.
  Now, since we have the official go ahead...who is bringing what for the potluck dinner?  What will we need for decorations?  I know it's still a week away, but I always look forward to this...*grin*
  So, meat dishes for the carnivours...veggie dishes for those that aren't. *big grin*  Side dishes, desserts, drinks...tablecloths, plates...umm..help me here.
  On the gift exchange..can't remember the actual name of it (HE Niklas?) but I think we had a price limit??  Of $20??
  Oh!!  How silly of me..will any young ones be attending? (No, Ivan..you don't count as a young one!!)  If so..please speak up now and I will bring some of the MoC stuff to help keep them entertained!!
  Lady Mary of Axefoot
  Raven's Fort MoC (among other things)

Kief av Kiersted <sirkief at yahoo.com> wrote:
  Heilsa Mary, Kinswoman, and all...

As I recall...yes, we will be doing the "potluck" meal and the
gift exchange following the polling. Table settings and
decorations are a **good thing**...!

Please be on time for this populace considering the distance and
time the Crown and Kingdom Seneschal are taking out of their busy
schedules to attend and conduct/oversee the polling.

See you good folks there...

Your good neighbor...

Kief, Vicar
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