[Ravensfort] Idea's for community roots

Shane Wallace sdwsdw at cox.net
Sun Aug 6 17:02:53 PDT 2006

Greetings to all,
I just used that as an example... but if we really wanted to do that I 
believe there is a two year waiting list to even get a spot... Then if 
we can get a spot, we might explain to the Chamber that we are a 
non-profit there might be a reduction in cost or it might even be 
free... Those boy scouts, girl scouts, lion clubs, etc get those 
spots... I cant see local troop of boy scouts paying $125... You are 
right for a regular vender the cost is $125... That's something we need 
to check on....  but I just used that as an example of an idea... I'm 
glad to see people chiming in on the subject... the list has been slow 
lately... So are there anymore neat ideas out there... come on send them 
in... My email address is  sdwsdw at cox.net...
In Service,

david b. wrote:

>i spoke with my friend at the chamber of commerce
>and a booth at fair on the square is $125. do we
>want to spend that money? do we have something to
>sell that we can re-coop the money from?

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