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Thu Aug 10 18:16:03 PDT 2006

Greetings unto the List!
  First, I would like to apologize for not responding to this faster (I have been doing repairs on our new home).
  Now, what I have to say..I will do so with the most diplomacy I possess at this time.
  The site is not to be accessed without prior permission/arrangements.  That is why there are sponsored work days.  We are only allowed on those dates.  It could be considered criminal trespassing and/or a breach of the agreement with the Land Owner.  There are serious liability issues with going out to the site without the site representative's permission.  In addition, when people do attend work gatherings people should at least be accompanied by one adult.  Any incapacitating injury could result in serious consequences that you may not be aware of.
  Drew, while I appreciate your concern about the site and assessing/improving  it...Ivan and I went out with the Land Agent to do that already and have made the scheduled work weekends previously listed from that inspection.
  Ed, I am confused as to Marius's post as it was previously posted that he was banned from the list.  In addition to a poll denying his requests to re-join the list.
  Marius,  when we inspected the site..we found no cause to move the showers from their current location.  In addition, Haus Kiersted was notified of the damage to their site and I am sure they will make appropriate repairs.  Because of past disagreements with them, I am asking that you not inquire further.
  Kief, please explain better for me the guidelines for work weekends so that all may adhere to them.  I thank you for keeping your response brief.
  However, I request that on this list and especially before the event, that all persons not start a jabfest or flaming in any way.  I do not wish to see our Barony's name muddied by anyone or airing any personal feuds on this list.
  Devin, the answer to your question is $25/each.
  I look forward to seeing everyone at the first site work weekend on August 19th and 20th.  Please remember that there will be a potluck dinner on Saturday the 19th and that site will open at 7am on those days.
  In service to the Barony,
  Lady Mary of Axefoot
Co-Steward, Defender XXIV
Kristen Flitcroft <mirabelis at kindled-spirits.com> wrote:
                Bah should I say we will be out next weekend on the 19th, 20th.  I’m getting confused and don’t know what I’m talking about J  but we will be out that weekend to do some work blah blah blah.

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