[Ravensfort] fighter practice?

jacinth jacinth at mail.ev1.net
Fri Aug 11 15:27:32 PDT 2006

Lord Malcolm,
Thank you for the update.  I've had a few gentles contact me asking about
it, saying that they had been out there a few times with no success.  I
guess I can forward them on to His Excellency for the time being so they'll
be in the loop.


Shane Wallace <sdwsdw at cox.net> wrote:
>Greetings H.L. Jacinth,
>I don't know if anyone emailed you privately, so I'm responding to you 
>publicly. To the best of my knowledge fighter practice has been 
>postponed. It should be starting up soon. Right now we have a couple of 
>people working on armor with Baron Brian du Val. When they start back up 
>I'm sure it will be on Sunday at the Gazebo around 2pm or 3pm. If I have 
>misspoken and I have my facts mixed up, someone please feel free to 
>correct me politely.
>In Service,
>Lord Malcolm

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