[Ravensfort] List issues and other topics

Corbisier, Barbara Lynn barb at tamu.edu
Fri Aug 11 18:57:10 PDT 2006

Greetings populace of Raven's Fort,

It has come to my attention that there are a number of confusions, half-truths, and ambiguous 
statements that have been interpreted incorrectly.  Let me take this opportunity to correct a few of 
them and clarify some others.

1.  I questioned Lord Erich about why he let Marius back on this list after we polled the list members,  
who voted against letting banned individuals back.  I was not consulted about his decision, nor do I 
approve of going against the wishes of the majority.  However, as moderator, Erich has the power to 
put individuals back on the list who have been removed, and he chose to exercise that power. I trust 
that Marius will not abuse Erich's confidence in him, as that would lead to removal again.

2.  Lady Mary of Axefoot is my Deputy Seneschal.  As such, she has authority to step in and make 
reminders about policy and legal issues where need be, especially at times when I am not available, 
like when I am attending Pennsic.  This includes, but is not limited to, issues regarding access to The 
Stones, this list, and other SCA and Kingdom policy questions as they arise.

3.  Access to The Stones site MUST be arranged with the Land Agent, Sir Kief, PRIOR to any site work 
being done.  Anyone who is at the site at any other time is considered trespassing.  I cannot stress 
this strongly enough.  It may sound harsh and unnecessary, but if an SCA member is there doing 
work on SCA-related stuff without prior arrangements, should any accidents occur, that individual 
would not be covered by SCA insurance and could be found liable for any damage to the site.  
Further, having only one land agent makes arranging times clearer, as there won't be several people 
calling the land owners to arrange times that have already been arranged.

4.  Bear-baiting on the list or in private e-mails is not only petty and childish, it causes rifts within 
the group where none existed before.  Please people, cut the crap.  I'm not going to name names, 
but you know if this applies to you.

In service,
THL Catherine Barbary
Raven's Fort

Orationem pulchram non habens, scribo ista linea in lingua Latina.

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