[Ravensfort] Pennsic report-Monday

Barb Corbisier barb at tamu.edu
Thu Aug 17 08:43:27 PDT 2006

Morning arrived much too soon.  After dithering a bit, my household 
member Nan asked if I wanted to go with her to watch some jousting.  I 
was surprised that people were jousting at Pennsic, but I said nothing 
as  I didn't want to admit that I hadn't even glanced at the schedule 
yet.  However, when we walked to her car, things became much clearer.

After 20 pleasant minutes in air-conditioned comfort, we arrived at a 
farm where a jousting clinic was being held.  It wasn't an official 
Pennsic activity, but Nan's lord, Sir Jeffery Fitzgalen, had been 
invited to come watch.  It was truly an eye-opening experience for 
someone like me who can recognize a horse on sight, but that's where my 
equestrian knowledge ends.

Training horses for jousting is a painstaking process. Not only do the 
horses need to be trained to run down the list without shying while 
another horse is running at them from the other direction, but they have 
to become acclimated to the sound of clanking armor, the movement of 
practice targets, seeing the end of the lance in their peripheral 
vision, and so on.  The instructors seemed to have infinite patience, 
the riders were eager to learn, and the horses seemed very 
sweet-natured. Of course, the bits of carrot they received as rewards 
didn't hurt, either.

When we got back to site, I met back up with Gregor, who needed new 
boots.  I didn't realize that he had worn holes clean through his old 
ones!  He found a good pair, and we saw Don Robert briefly while he was 
trying things on.  We also bought a few more hose and such for him, as I 
had been a lazy bum and not made anything new.

  We returned back to camp, and enjoyed a delightful fondue dinner.  I 
could never conceive of cooking something like that at War, but that's 
why I don't cook.  Somehow, it got to be around 8:30, and we needed to 
get to a vigil for our friend Caitlin Sorcha O'Dorchartaigh, who was 
being elevated to the Laurel in East Kingdom court.  We  made our way 
over to her encampment and related our good wishes.  And ask to take a 
look at the bag she gave to me next time you see me.  You'll understand 
why she was being elevated!

As we were close to downtown Pennsic at that point, Gregor and I made 
use of the bathhouse, then went back to our encampment and crashed.  We 
were still tired from the previous day, I think.

Thus ends the report for Monday.

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