[Ravensfort] Pennsic report-Tuesday

Barb Corbisier barb at tamu.edu
Thu Aug 17 11:31:07 PDT 2006

Tuesday morning was devoted to getting meds for Gregor 'cause he had 
forgotten them back in Ansteorra. Oops.  His doctor had called in a 
week-long prescription that we needed to pick up. So a run into the real 
world was necessary.

Before we left, we stopped by a chair merchant, New World Treasures, to 
see if we could trade our chairs. I bought two wooden folding chairs on 
ebay some months ago.  They looked great on-line. However, you may have 
noticed that Gregor and I are not small individuals, and these chairs 
were made for people who are much shorter and narrower than we are.  
Fortunately, the proprietor had no problem with a trade, so we dropped 
off the smaller chairs while we had the vehicle out of the parking lot 
and wouldn't have to carry them all the way from our camp.

A short air-conditioned ride got us to the grocery store & pharmacy, 
where we picked up meds and some other camp necessities like cookies and 
hazelnut coffee.

That bit of business taken care of, Gregor headed to Heralds' Point 
while I went to the Known World Scribal tea. I had a great time admiring 
the portfolios of amazing scribes from around the known world, and got 
some great feedback and constructive criticism from Master John 
Blaecstan, an East Kingdom calligraphy & illumination laurel now living 
in Aethelmearc. There was an amazing subtletie which was a cake 
decorated to look like an illuminated page in the "squashed bug" style, 
complete with a marzipan fly and edible gold!  Mistress Hillary 
Greenslade was also in attendance, and seemed to be enjoying herself 
talking shop with fellow scribes.

After the tea, I headed over to Heralds' Point to meet up with Gregor. 
The consulting heralds had helped him come up with a device.  Of course 
it has a pun. Sigh.

 From device consultation, he moved on to name consultation, and I went 
to get him a cold drink. I have to say that the heralds at Pennsic know 
their stuff, because by the time I got back, documentation for his name 
was pretty much set.

Following a tip from one of the heralds, we then went on a quest to find 
someone who could translate my motto into Latin.  An hour later, I could 
proudly say, "Scintillosa est bona."  I then dragged Gregor to a 
merchant to have my motto put onto a belt so I could have it with me 

As it was then late afternoon, we headed back to camp for veggie burgers 
and much-needed showers. We had a bardic circle in our encampment in the 
evening, and of course Gregor entertained with a number of stories.  Syr 
Kai Maclain, former Baron Bergental, chose to take on a squire that 
evening, and we were priviledged to witness the ceremony.  Stories, 
songs, and poems continued into the wee hours of the morning.

Thus ends the report for Tuesday.

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