[Ravensfort] Paper plates and site tokens

david b. lddevin03 at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 18 14:54:56 PDT 2006


   Does anyone know if the Barony still has the
surplus of paper plates,plastic utensils, paper
bowls that were used when the Barony had the pot
luck suppers at the fire station? I think the
last person I saw had them was Malcolm. I bought
some more for tomorrow...but hey...you can never
have to many!
   Also, what has been decided about site tokens?
I found a bunch of red wooden beads today during
my excursion to Conroe. I do not know if we want
to use them or not. I kind of like them...I may
have enough to donate 200 to the Barony. I also
bought some glass beads on sale that we can use.
Let me know what has been decided about site
tokens soon.
  Also...I will not be able to make out to site
until around 3pm tomorow and I would like to help
paint the list poles. It is the least stressful
for my back and all that, unless anyone can think
of something I could do that does not require
lifting or being in the sun for extended periods
of time. I just want to help!!!


p.s. As a bonus I am bringing my yummy fruit
cobbler! I baked a big one just for dinner tomorrow!

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