[Ravensfort] Site Work Update 8-21-06

fionna@cox.net fionna at cox.net
Mon Aug 21 13:50:07 PDT 2006

As of yesterday, this is how the site work went:

1) KILLING WASPS in all Baronal buildings...
oKilled wasps in kitchen
oChanging rooms checked
oKilled wasps on playground.
oLook for wasps in storage on 9-26

2) The owners are building a new gate! Sooooo....

We'll use the old gate or a cattle panel connected to the cattle guard 
to enable us to keep the gate open during the event... This can wait 
until my return if ya'll wish.

3) The CATTLE GUARD needs to be cleaned / dug out again. Good old 
shovel and hoe work.

4) Cleaning the WATER TANK & BARRELS.
oTo do 9-26

5) Re-set and repaint LIST FIELD POSTS (as needed)
oList Field painted.  NEEDS TO BE TAMPED.

6) We need THREE (3) 65 lb COUNTER WEIGHTS for the kitchen and 
storeroom doors. It would be cool to have these weights adjustable...

7) Inspect and R&R (if needed) the hoses, spigots, and shower heads on 
the SHOWERS. Clean around and repair/paint as needed.

(We still have 5 gallons of WHITE farm paint and at least 2 gallons of 
RED farm paint. STEWARDS contact me for location!)

8) Make sure the CHILDREN'S PLAY STATION is free from defects, dammage, 
and insects.
oPlayground has been inspected, the wasps killed and the slide wiped.

9) Clean out the KITCHEN - I have a string of lights and there are 
small fans, an inverter and marine battery will be available. I would 
be good to have at least two other deep cycle batteries to power the 
lights and fans. Who else has one (two)?
oHas been cleaned out.

10) Two BFT's need to be taken out and inspected, winches and wire rope 
needs to be inspected. Tent poles and states need to be counted.
oTO DO 9-26

11) The CHANGING ROOMS near the kitchen needs curtain rods, curtains, 
benches/chairs, and hooks for hanging clothes. Insect inspection 
oChanging rooms have been painted.

12) Work on the STONES...(already mentioned! yea Mirabelis!)
oStones need to be cleaned.

13) Set up the new BARDIC PERFORMANCE AREA...I'll work on this when I 
get back...(This can be a real showcase folks...!)
oTree has been cleared.
oLarge Limb left for seating.  NEEDS TO BE TREATED FOR ANTS.

14) Set up new B&B CAMPING AREA near the new Bardic Performance Area 
(the old camping spot is under dangerous dead and dying limbs.

15) CLEARING FIRE RING around the BONFIRE STACK...(Just in case we can 
burn the stack...IF there is not a burn ban on)
oNeeds mowing

16) Cleaning the entry road, cutting back limbs and vines on the entry 
oSome trimming was done. May need more.

17) Make sure that all private camps are tidy and boundries are marked.

18) Killing of ants, wasps, and termites in and around the site is 
actively encouraged.
oSee Also 1)

Additionally, the huge portion of tree that fell in Raven's Fort 
Central is *completely* cleaned up.

In Service to the Barony,

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