[Ravensfort] Detlef update...

david b. lddevin03 at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 22 08:48:32 PDT 2006


  Here is an update on Herr Detlef. Well all
seems to be going well. He suffered a concussion
and some brain swelling, so they are still
watching him closely. His right arm was broken
and he has some fractured ribs on the upper front
part of his chest. He has stitches on his head
(upper right side). Yeah...he is pretty doped up
and we talked about when we lived together...when
we were both in school at SHSU. He broke into a
course of a Kate Bush song for me, I think it was
"Big Sky".
   They think he will be in the hospital for
another couple weeks. It is all according to how
the swelling in the brain goes. He is lucid most
of the time, he sleeps alot...but he is alive,
and they expect a full recovery. Thank you to
everyone who has him in their thoughts.
   There will be medical bills coming. I was
thinking maybe of doing an auction or something
to help out with bills. Any ideas guys? Let me

In Service,
Lord Devin O'Donnabhain

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