[Ravensfort] FW: Sunday site report ?

Kristen Flitcroft mirabelis at kindled-spirits.com
Mon Aug 28 10:37:14 PDT 2006


Greetings!  Sorry we had to miss potluck, especially in the AC!!  Sunday
Segiurd, Walla Walla, Kiwi, Tareija, Brian, Plachoya, Lowtar and Sunya
were on site.  Lowtar and Sunya cleaned up swein camp a bit before we
got to site.  Brian and Plachoya oiled the gallery.  Segiurd mowed
around swein camp and the stones.  We scrubbed the stones up a bit, time
will tell if it worked or not.  I picked up a ton of trash that was
stuck around the trees, someone has dumped a ton of roofing materials by
the creek up near the stones.  Tareija was going to help finish painting
the list field posts but the rain was threatening so we all went home to
take a shower and cool off.  Still some things to do, I plan on painting
the showers and putting up the bamboo around there for privacy the next
work weekend, and getting the rest of the poles painted.  The storeroom
looks awesome!!!  Everyone is doing such a great job!  

Do we need to clean up an area to set troll?  If possible can we put it
someplace where it wont be in direct sun :-) I don't relish sitting
there in the sun for 6 hrs :-)  






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