[Ravensfort] Fwd: SHSU - Invite to speak about society

Shane Wallace sdwsdw at cox.net
Sat Sep 2 17:02:14 PDT 2006

Greetings to all,

Just a quick question... Has any of Officers responded to this persons 
and his offer to speak at the University???

As stated at populace i'm collecting idea's for our group and I'm the 
Southern Regional Hospitaler. The subject is : How can we get more 
connected to our local communities for recruiting and other purposes?

This would defiantly fit into that category, although it should be 
someone who has the authority to speak on behalf of Raven's Fort, 
Kingdom of Ansteorra, and our Society (SCA).

I would love to do it, but unfortunately I have to work the next 3 maybe 
4 Wednesdays. So I would be unable to do it, any other volunteers??? I 
was just checking... Nobody responded when Lady Katherine posted it on 
the list.

In Service,
Lord MalcoLm De CraUford

Forwarded From: Ken R <world_venturer at yahoo.com>

> Good Day All,
>       My name is Ken Rigali (William de Clare) and I'm student here at SHSU. Normally I would contact the hospitaller; but could not locate her contact information, so I sent this email out to four members of your good barony.
>       I have not been active in the society for about three or four years and prior I use to play with Gate's Edge. I am a history major here at SHSU and belong to two different student organizations one of which is called the Webb Society. The Webb Society is a student organization dedicated to historical reenactments. The last two years they have only participated in colonial and Civil War reenactments. This year we would like to broaden our experiences and would love to incorporate the Middle Ages and Renaissance.
>      What we would like to propose to you is the chance to come speak about the society at one of our Wednesday night meetings. It would be the absolute perfect time to introduce students with a love of historical reenactments with the SCA. In short would you like to come strictly with the intent of recruiting. Our meetings generally have a large turnout of 40 -120 students. 
>   Tonight: First Meeting
>   Next Wednesday: Elections
>   After that: Our Wednesdays are wide open for your choosing if you wish.
>   Thank You,
>   William de Clare
>   (Ken Rigali)
>   P.S.,
>   I look forward to becoming active again this semester.  
>   My cell phone number is: (936) 718-6421 ; however the battery is generally dead.
>   Email Addresses: world_venturer at yahoo.com  or stdkar24 at shsu.edu    

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