[Ravensfort] Bardic News Flash!

kclement@verizon.net kclement at verizon.net
Mon Sep 11 18:25:27 PDT 2006

Hello, Gregor here.

Just a quick reminder about the Raven's Fort Bardic Championship taking place 
at Defender of the Fort this Saturday, Sept 16th.

It should (keep those fingers crossed) take place at 3pm.

The 3 rounds are:

Bard's Choice  (for best results, bring your best/favorite/most familiar     

A Good Story.  Period.  (for best results, perform either a period or
               period style piece.  Documentation is requested, even if it's
               minimal, i.e. an index card with a book title and author.  
               Adventurous souls who want to do something without 
               documentation are welcome to still enter, but some points 
               will probably be taken off.)

Skaldic Cred.  (for best results, perform a piece having to do with our
               Scadian history, i.e. something about Ansteorra, a Society
               member, or any of the various kingdoms or groups of which 
               we know.  Also, a fictional work is permitted, from an 
               original work to traditional battle songs.)

Results should be announced during court.

If there are any questions, please ask.  I may make a face like a dog looking 
at a chess board, but I'll try to answer them.

In Service,

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