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Kristen Flitcroft mirabelis at kindled-spirits.com
Fri Sep 15 10:48:25 PDT 2006

Greetings all my friends out there, friends i like to call family. I have had a tragic loss in my life and i am sharing it now with you all so that you may mourn as well. send me love, send me energy, send me prayers i'll take them all. 
On Sept 13th, wednesday, my dear love of my life was taken away from me very unexpectedly and tragicly. He had made it home in time, he went quick, and even though he is gone i know he is around me. He had a heartattack and passed from this body shortly after. There will be a huge hole in my life without him. I have been surrounded my my close friends that i call family since it happened. It is tough, and im going to have some low low times, but i appreciate you all so much. 
Check out my photo album for more pics of my boy and just think about how wonderful he was. 

There will be a wake for him this weekend at our local event, on saturday nite. Any and all of those that can be there please be there. There will also be a memorial service for those who cant make it this weekend. Monday at 630 pm here in Conroe, TX at Panorama Country Club. If you need better directions please let me know. Since he passed without anything to cover any costs, we ask for donations instead of flowers and plants. 

Kids, his folks are comin and his sisters. All the way from New Zealand!! this is the hardest thing i will ever have to go through in my life....i didnt expect it until much later on. 

Thank you all in your understanding of proper time and all that, i am open for any comments now :) and dont worry i'm ok, just very very heartbroken. i love each an every one of ya! 
Tell them all what you want them to know because you may not have the chance again.



A memorial service will be held on Monday, September 18th 6:30pm at Panorama Country Club.  


Directions to the country club are:  Take your best way to I-45, you will want to go toward Willis, TX.  

Exit League Line Road and go west.  Stay in right hand lane that becomes a turn only lane into Panorama Subdivision.  Follow the road down about ¼ mile to the Panorama Country Club which will be on the left hand side.  Parking is on the right hand side near the pool.  


We understand that when we suffer a lose, people feel helpless and need to feel connected by doing.  If you would like to bring food know your contribution will be appreciated.  In lieu of flowers or plants, the family would appreciate donations to help cover the costs of this tragic and unexpected loss.  There will be an opportunity for friends and loved ones to share their stories of remembrance of the light and love Kiwi projected to all he came in contact with.  If you have something you would like to share (a photo, a story, a special object) please bring.  His family will be in attendance from New Zealand.  This is their opportunity to catch a glimpse of the wonderful life he had built here in the states.  So come and help us celebrate the life of John "Kiwi" Flitcroft.  


Hope to see you there!



The "Tribe" of John the Kiwi






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