[Ravensfort] Those having receipts from Defender & would like to be reimbursed...

Berta Allen bertasdragonfly at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 25 21:16:46 PDT 2006

  Defender of the Fort is now behind us, it was a great event & many thank you's to those that do what you did to make it happen!  Thank you!!!
  Anyone having receipts for budgeted, pre-approved items from/for this last RF - Defender of the Fort, you will need to have those receipts to me BEFORE 10:00pm Monday, October 2, 2006 if you want to be reimbursed.  If you are unable to meet this deadline, please make sure you contact me (Chrystal) prior to the deadline & we can make arrangements from there if needed.   If you gave or have given any receipts to the Event Stewards, Ld Ivan or Ldy Mary, they will have to have those receipts to me before or by the same deadline.  If you attempt to get a reimbursement at a later date without making prior arrangements with me (Chrystal), you will not be reimbursed.
  The reason for the strict deadline is any group having held an event has to complete the event report within 30 calendar days after the event.  October 2nd is 2 weeks after the event, the we have one week to work report & less than a week to mail it off/turn it in.  Soooo...
  If you are expecting a refund for feast, etc (already pre-arranged) that is a different matter, please ignore this missive.
  Please contact myself or the Event Stewards, Ld Ivan or Ldy Mary if you have any questions. 
  HE Chrystal Ariana MacRuari
  Raven's Fort Exchequer
  936-293-1527 or bertasdragonfly at yahoo.com

"Noli simul flare sorbereque"  - Plautus, Mostellaria, 79

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