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  Greetings unto the populace of Raven’s Fort,
  Normally I would do this at the Beginning of the month but due to recent happenings I will need to do this early. I believe there was a misinterpretation of a posting then one that was nowhere near on topic. I have contacted all who where involved.
  General use guidelines for the Raven's Fort list 1) This list is to be used for Raven's Fortinformation. This list was not intended for personalissues or issues regarding other organizations asidefrom the SCA. Here are some questions you need to ask yourselfbefore you post: There are 82 or so people that aresubscribed to this list, do you want all of them toknow this information? Is this related to RF or SCA,i.e. demos, fighter practice, guild meetings, and thingsof this nature? Could this statement be interpretedas sarcastic, snide, vulgar or rude? Airing personal issues such as grudges, etc willnot be tolerated. The following is the revised policyEffective April 9, 2002. It will be re-posted monthlyso everyone is very clear about the consequences. Theeasiest way to avoid this is discretion, if someoneattacks you, wait. Do not reply, I know this is hard,but that means the person who initiated the attack isthe only one with repercussions. This policy applies to personal
 drama and slander.a) First incident: If an individual submits anobjectionable post, they and anyone who respondswill be publicly warned on the list. b) Second incident: This is progressive, 1hr or 6months, it doesn't matter. If the exchange beginsagain, or the same person begins a new incident, theyare off of the list for 30 days. This also appliesto anyone who posts more than one reply before I canwarn him or her. c) Third incident: This also is progressive. Samesituation as above, off for 60 days. d) Fourth incident: This is also progressive. Samesituation as above, off permanently. There is also another situation that will get a memberremoved from the list permanently, with NO WARNING. Ifyou make terroristic threats, which include anykind of bodily harm, you will be removed and notallowed back on the list. I think everyone on thislist is an adult and knows the difference betweengood-natured fighter threats (Death to Trimaris! andfighter practice references) and actual
 threats. I hope I have made this very clear. I don't have anyintention of being a censor or judge for this list; myexpectation is that EVERYONE in this Barony is matureand intelligent enough to abide by these simple rules.Don't be ugly to each other. That's it. And if youfeel compelled to be ugly, do it in private. That'snot cowardly, that's being honorable and dealing withyour personal life in a manner in which people canrespect you. I'm not asking everyone to be bestfriends, just don't air dirty laundry on the list. Everyone needs to remember that this list is aprivilege, not a right. If anyone has any questionsor would like to discuss this e-mail, please contact  me.
 List Administrator
 Lord Erich Rabe 
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