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env_drh env_drh at shsu.edu
Wed Sep 27 14:54:12 PDT 2006

Here's a post I received from Academic Affairs.  It may be of interest to

Texas Archeology Month
October is Texas Archeology Month. An archeological presentation is
scheduled for Wednesday, October 11, from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. at the Katy and
E. Don Walker Education Center. Marianne Marek, Principal Investigator, will
provide details of the ongoing excavations at the original town site of San
Felipe founded in 1824 by Stephen F. Austin. 
Contact: Sandra Rogers (4-4712 or smm_ser at shsu.edu)


David R. Hoffpauir
Program Development Associate
Incident Command Simulation Training Center,
Bill Blackwood Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas,
College of Criminal Justice,
Sam Houston State University,
Huntsville Tx 77341-3926

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