[Ravensfort] Service to ones Lord and Kiing

Tue Jul 17 15:04:03 PDT 2007

The Lord of the Manor would have me announce:

"Although the Executioner's Block was inadvertently cleaved in half
during our last up rising, rest assured that it has been securely
repaired, through the modern middle ages wonder of duck snot and hemp
lashing.  It has also been reconsecrated by Bishop Tully and
re-decoupaged with yellow daisy's, instead of its original four leaf
clovers, which everyone thought was so in 'bad' taste. Should it be
required, the Executioner's Block now stands ready to ensure full and
complete compliance with any and all mandates of fealty.  The L of the M
has also taken the unusual precaution of ridding all of the King's lands
under his jurisdiction of 'possums as they tend to drag skulls off the
trophy pile and subsequently get run over with the lawnmower..."

The L of the M would further have me announce:

"...that Joe peasant, through life-long service, unquestioned fealty,
years of back-breaking labor, living in filth and squalor, with no
complaint, has demonstrated the highest ideals of subservience.  It is
with great pleasure the L of the M grants him the right, and dignity, to
capitalize his last name.  We thank you, Joe Peasant."

Oh, and there are still a number of tables, left over from Blue Moon
Bardic, at the Manor.  The jailor has already converted one into a
torture rack.  It was the one belonging to Niklas and Kezia and I must
admit it does look rather odd with all that black leather and bunny


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 Let us look at bad behavior and fealty.


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