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 > *** Has your Lord broken the fealty by his
> behavior...  

After lots of SNIPPAGE............

You must look at the time of your concept of fealty.

The Greeks and Romans........... They killed many
Innocent women and children so that a culture would
not continue to prosper. TROJANS, GERMANIC'S,

Now there is a classical time of honorable war huh.

How about the Saxons, Vikings and Britons.......
Raiding and pillaging. The Saxons were Purist and
would not even consider having a half breed child in
there blood line. The Vikings killed their share of
Innocent MONKS and took the children and women back to
be slaves.........now hows that for right and noble

Now lets see..........NORMANS!

Born to rule the Britons and Saxons!
They made laws to be followed and enforced their laws
with a heavy hand and called them selves superior to
the local natives. Just as the country was getting
tame and mostly Anglo Saxon Norman like, the CRUSADES
happen and a new HOLY war sets in and the CHURCH gets
the unruly nobles to clean up their act by going on
CRUSADE and redeem their souls for Christ by killing
the turban bound, curved sword carrying, goat eye
eating, finger liking MOORS...........because the
church said they were wrong for being there.

The bottom line is this......
If you were strong enough to lead, weaker minds will
follow. Greed, lust, hate, were some popular reasons
for motivating armies in history. The Victorian ideals
of chivalry and ethical conduct are all too easy to
speak of but when placed in the actual situation in
the moment of truth would you be strong enough to say
no and not follow your brothers and not do what all
the others are doing. If a legionnaire stopped and
said no..........he was killed. If a viking said no, I
do not want to raid this year ......he would be
outcast and left to fend for him self or even killed
or in-slaved. The English were no different when they
used the Burgundians to do their dirty work. When all
the male boys under the age of two were killed in
Bethlehem by KING HEROD so that a prophecy would not
be able to come true. 

Today's acceptable moral conduct is so much different
than what was considered acceptable a thousand years
ago. In fact you did have a choice. Do or Die. To
refuse your lord meant to see your commitment to the
end........your last defiant act of refusing was your
life. Now that is noble, To die for a just cause.
Would your life be better spent finding an easier path
than being placed in the position of choosing to swear
fealty and not stand by your lord. It is not easy to
believe in some thing or some one so much that you
would follow them to hell and back but it is not as
easy as black and white. People have their own
perspective. To have the stomach for war is one way of
looking at it. To believe in one with blind loyalty to
follow them to the end is nice but the noble cause is
rare. History is written by the victor and through
that written word is what we base our moral standards.
Romantic warriors we all are when we say our cause is
just. I am not dodging the question of right or wrong
and the commitment of it all. Life is not back and
white. We all must decide what we would or will do. If
you disagree with some one who you have sworn fealty
to it is up to you do decide what to do. either way
you have to be strong to make that call and see the
road to the end. Are you willing to die for what you
believe is true. Cowards sneak away, whisper behind
their leaders back and lack the courage to stand up
for what they believe. If you support some one you
better know them well enough to do so and stand beside
them when the going gets rough or the war gets ugly.
Today you may have that choice to say no. In the past
you did not have that choice.

Your Baron

Brian du Val

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