[Ravensfort] Site Work Day

Kief av Kiersted sirkief at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 19 14:44:38 PDT 2007

Heilsa all...

Go Alaric and team...!

Glad to see y'all are having an early work day...'tis always better to stay 
ahead of the curve...

Please note that if you cut the persimmon tree sprouts/bushes in the 
equestrian area now they will have to be cut again (maybe) before 
Defender...given all the rain and easy heat they will grow back fairly fast. 
Putting off the clearing of the equestrian field for a two to four weeks 
will prevent any chance of having to repeat the clearing. In any case please 
remember to cut the woody growth underground...that way the horses will not 
have stubs/stumps puncture their hooves.

I am planning on mowing the larger portion of the site about two weeks 
before the event...that will allow time for the grass to "green up" yet be 
short enough for easy walking.

I am also planning on spraying for ants on the Wednesday/Thursday before 

I will go and check by tomorrow whether or not I have 5 gallons of Farm 
White exterior latex in my garage.

More later...

Wæs Þu Hæl in TroÞ and FriÞ...!
"Better the Hammer than the nail..."


>From: "Dan Smith Jr" <alaric at consolidated.net>
>To: <ravensfort at lists.ansteorra.org>
>Subject: [Ravensfort] Site Work Day
>Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2007 12:01:37 -0500
>We are having our first Site Work Day for Defender of the Fort the weekend 
>of July 28 - 29.  Our main focus will be removal of thorny plants from the 
>equestrian field and the gathering of branches (and other burnable debris) 
>to the bonfire area in preperation for the mowers. For those who prefer 
>working in the shade, we will be painting the kitchen and storage unit.   
>We have permission to camp.  I plan to be on site by 9 am Saturday morning. 
>  I will bring several gallons of water as well as some sandwiches & chips. 
>  Please come out and "help me help you".

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